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The Rebel Capitalist Show-Interview: Doug Casey (Argentina, Freedom, Wokeism, Crisis Investing Today) - YesterdayThe Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway-Office Hours: The Lab-Grown Diamond Boom, Investment in Women’s Sports, and Deciding Whether to Quit Your Job - TodayThe Daily-Ending Roe Was Supposed to Reduce Abortions. It Didn’t. - TodayAlles Muss Raus - Mit Thilo Mischke-Israel-Update: „Die Hamas hat mit diesen Geiseln Israel das Herz rausgerissen“ - YesterdayCNBC's "Fast Money"-SHOP-A-PALOOZA IS HERE! 11/27/23 - YesterdayMarketplace All-in-One-Global trade may be back on track - YesterdayMarketplace-Global trade may be back on track - YesterdayThe Rest Is Politics-Introducing... The Rest Is Entertainment - Yesterday

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